Terms and Conditions

  1. The cost of our services depends on your needs and the timeline. Changes may bring additional expenses, so be clear about your requirements.
  2. When you agree to a quote, it means you accept our policies. This agreement can be verbal, via email, payment, or a signed quote.
  3. Make sure all your needs are in the quotes. Provide clear guidelines and information; otherwise, we’ll proceed based on our understanding.
  4. Any specific details must be communicated early to avoid extra costs.
  5. Projects have fixed hours, but minor changes can be accommodated.
  6. We aim to finish within the agreed time, but delays may happen if features are altered.
  7. Client disruptions may lead to delays and added costs.
  8. We don’t offer refunds except in special cases. Bugs found during development won’t cost you extra.
  9. Provide all website content in the first two weeks to avoid delays.
  10. Testing is done on popular browsers and devices; inform us if you need testing on other browsers.
  11. Extra hours due to network issues on non-synapse servers will be charged separately.
  12. Projects stalled for more than two months incur admin costs.
  13. Our codes are protected by copyright. They can be handed over at an extra cost after settling all dues.
  14. We own copyrights to codes, and a license is granted for exclusive use as part of the hosting fee.
  15. We can’t control unexpected issues with third-party elements. Client responsibility includes keeping them up to date.
  16. Delays are unavoidable at times. We make reasonable efforts to stick to the schedule.
  17. Hosting fees and domain-related charges are separate unless specified.
  18. Email is our main communication method, so keep your email addresses updated.
  19. At Top Quality Resource, we strive for transparency and quality. Understanding these points ensures a smooth collaboration for a successful project.