Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. At Top Quality Resource, we want to make sure you know about our Cancellation and Refund Policy. Once we start working on your project, we can’t give refunds. If you decide to stop our service, no refund will be given for the current month.
  2. You can cancel anytime by letting us know in writing, like a text or email. If you cancel during the month, we won’t refund any part of the payment. Also, if you don’t follow our advice on specific changes, like SEO methods or webpage stuff, there won’t be a refund.
  3. If you hire another SEO Company while working with us or try doing SEO on your own, no refund will be given. And if you don’t give us the access we need for SEO, or if your website isn’t working right, no refund either.
  4. Once you approve our design and we start testing, no refunds are possible. Special event-related services arranged by our sales team can’t be canceled without 30 days’ notice.
  5. Even though SEO and online marketing packages are non-refundable, you can cancel with a 15-day notice. But if your project is inactive or ignored for more than 30 days, we won’t refund any money. We want to be fair and clear with you!